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  1. Teenagers getting into wrecks and having DUI charges put on their record is too common of a problem in our society. Many teenagers make rash and quick decisions without thinking about the consequences. However, if the law changes to 18 years of age, it can ruin a high schoolers’ experience. Many states have thought about this change and have made it a law to where you need to be 18 years of age. These states would include New York, New Jersey, and Florida.
    There’s a saying that is commonly used “that with age comes wisdom”, and I couldn’t concur more with it. From personal experience, I have made quick decisions that have had bad outcomes. If I had more experience and wisdom from age, then I would’ve been able to make the right decision. As people get older they realize the importance of the decisions they make. One of the best ways to make better decisions is to learn from careless ones.
    Teens make bad decisions because they are often statured from peer pressure and other factors. Many wrecks from teenagers come from distracted driving, impaired driving, and driving with teen passengers. Texting and driving is a huge problem that America is facing. Most teenagers involved in wrecks are from driving at an unsafe speed. If the age was moved up to 18, the older person would know better than to go beyond the limits and speed while driving. The more experience gained with learners being moved till 18 before going off alone and driving, I think would be safer.
    The age that is required to receive a learner’s permit is 15 and 6 months. In Virginia, the learner’s permit must be held for at least 9 months until the driver can get a full license. This means anyone only has to drive with a parent or legal protector for 9 months before they can set off by themselves and drive alone. I find this a very small amount of time considering the new driver holds the lives of many people at their responsibility. If the age was raised to 18 years old, but the learner’s permit a lot more of the behind the wheel time to get experience and practice than someone at the age of 16.
    The age of 18 is a more responsible teenager than a 16-year-old because they have had to make more decisions in life. The “older” a driver is, the more experience they have had to work with time, spacing, and distance which are strands that make a safe driver. Although it would take away some of the memorable moments a person would have in high school, it would make driving a lot safer. It’s a lot better to be safe than to have a good time. These are some of the reasons why getting your driver’s license should be moved to 18.


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