A Cheaper IPhone?

—Esther Chung, Head Copy Editor—

Apple fans who love the new iPhone X but can’t handle its $999 price tag are in luck: by Untitled designthis fall, Apple may have a lower cost iPhone out on the market. Projected to sell at about $700 or $800, these iPhones incorporate many of the new iPhone X features, while inevitably trading off some of their more high-end additions to compensate for its cheaper price.

Some of the features that are reportedly available on the upcoming iPhone model include facial recognition and an edge-to-edge screen. However, the phones will most likely not include the new dual-lens camera or the stainless steel casing that debuted with the iPhone X. Regardless of the details concerning the upcoming phone, many expect Apple’s sales to skyrocket with the release of a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X. However, KGI Securities’ Apple Insight research, which often accurately predicts future Apple products, doesn’t agree. Their research says Apple may be retrying a marketing ploy they attempted to carry out in 2013 with the colorful iPhone 5C. This risky endeavour into the cheaper side of the smartphone market did not prove successful for Apple, and even CEO Tim Cook admitted the device sold very poorly.

There are many reasons why the iPhone 5C wasn’t very popular with buyers. One of the most prominent factors of lackluster sales include the fact that the phone’s material was drastically cheaper (advertised by Apple as “unapologetically plastic”) but sold for only $100 less than Apple’s high end phones. Additionally, the bright, chunky aesthetics of the phone weren’t too appealing to Apple fans who sought its classic, sleek look; some even went as far as to compare the bulky white iPhone 5C to an ugly “orthopedic shoe”. With the upcoming iPhone projected to have a more streamlined look, however, Apple may be able to dodge a bullet if they manage to incorporate some of the newer features of the iPhone X into the new phone. However, the one concern many critics have is that the price tag of the phone may not be cheap enough to match its lesser specs, an issue that occurred with the iPhone 5C five years ago.

Only time will tell whether this phone, if released, will be another flop for Apple, or a booming success. If Apple manages to avoid the mistakes they made with their iPhone 5C and their new phone is indeed as good as people hope it to be, the company may have their first successful low-cost phone.

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