2019 Trip to Italy: Panorama Italiano!

—Eric Annet, Public Relations—

In the summer of 2019 Mr. and Mrs. Abbott plan to take a trip to Italy from June twenty-fourth to July third. They will return right in time for the Fourth of July. Mrs. Abbott was nice enough to answer a few questions about the trip they are taking. She has been working at Cosby since 2006 and is a social studies teacher ever since.  Lasting ten days they will travel across “the boot” going to places ranging from the Gondola Traghetto to The Sistine Chapel. Prepare for the Panorama of Italy!

asfjhkh.jpgWhen arriving in Italy the first stop will be a hotel by the Lido, they will also receive a vaporetto pass. The pass that will allow access throughout the cities, such as Venice where the first stop will be. At Venice, there will several sites that will be seen in a period of two days. The guide will consist of going all around the city visiting many attractions. Some highlights will be St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace and Rialto. One opportunity for students is a lesson in glassblowing to make vases and other poetry. They will sail along the canals on gandalos. At the Doge’s Palace prison cells where people were interrogated. The next stop, after Venice, is Florence, home to the Accademia and Ghiberti’s Baptistry Doors. There will be art lessons, to paint Frescoes similar to Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo David. After two days in Florence the next destination will be Sorrento for two days along the Maltese Coast. There they will visit a Truskin village where several gothic churches are. While 123456stationed there a boat trip will be planned to go out to the island of Capri and a day on the beach will be spent. Another fun activity is learning to make authentic pizza from a wood brick oven while spending time in there. Bringing more will be the opportunity is to take part in dance lessons, the Tarantella, a southern Italian folk dance. The final stop is a two-night stay at Rome where they will see The Sistine Chapel and so much more. A tour of the ruins of Pompeii, in which Mount Vesuvius erupted and said to destroy the civilization. The fun will stop from there because the next step is flying home back home to good old Virginia and the trip is over.

The cost is a hefty $5,000 dollars, but in doing so it covers fees for flights and transport, dinner, breakfast, and tickets to sites the list goes on. Each meal is provided by ACIS, but It doesn’t cover lunch, but most people enjoy choosing their own meal, so it works in their favor. Italy has a wide variety of dishes that many Americans enjoy, but when coming from its origin it’s so much better. There’s pizza, Lassana, cannoli, fresh meats, pasta and the list goes on. There will also be a lot of opportunities to shop around the streets during free time when going out for. During this period it will be required to stay in groups.

fdsfds.jpgAn appreciation for travel is what The Abbotts want kids going on this trip to get out of it. The Mr. and Mrs. been ten times matter a fact. Getting out of their comfort zone, as Mrs.Abbott put it. A broadening of their horizons, meeting new people and discovering new places. It will make a person look at their everyday lives differently. Reflect on their own life and see how’s it different from their own.

All photos courtesy of Mrs. Abbott