Thor: Ragnarok Review! Best Marvel Film Yet?

—Eric Annet, Public Relations—

Thor: Ragnarok is the third Thor movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, and is by far the best out of the three. Directed by Taika Waititi, he enjoys to play up the comedy which is the direction that Marvel wants to take to be appealing to the mass audience. Everyone in the cast plays off well from one another, always ending up in a joke. Some fans nicknamed the movie Asgardians of the Galaxy, after the fact that it’s

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similar to Guardians of the Galaxy. The pace of the movie is fast, never slowing down to explain anything, just whatever gets in the parts the audience actually wants to see. Sometimes the comedy feels as if it’s more important than the parts that were supposed to be a little more dramatic.

Being the main character, Thor takes up most of the screen time, seeing how his name is the movie. Most of his character development comes from the fact that Thor’s father Odin died, and learning to live without his hammer. For the previous Marvel films  he was over-reliant, depending on the hammer getting him through everything- here not so much. His personality is mostly just being a goofball all the time, even after losing his hammer. He has gone from the swashbuckling arrogant god of thunder to the King of Asgard, where he finally takes his rightful spot on the throne.

Loki is played yet again by Tom Hiddleston (making all the fangirls go crazy). His character doesn’t really go anywhere, he’s mostly just there to support Thor’s development.  When he was in the Avengers he was a chaotic evil, now he’s more of a chaotic neutral, but still is in it for himself as always. Also, in Avengers, Loki was really

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threatening and made a compelling villain, in Ragnarok he is played off as a joke when Doctor Strange blows him off as nothing. At the end of the movie he truly became one of the good guys.

Hella might be the best part of Ragnarok! It’s been a constant criticism, from everyone, that Marvel has bad villains, but she is one of the exceptions. She is menacing, powerful and the first villain that happens to be a female in the MCU. (Not that it makes her less awesome.) The first thing she does when appearing on screen  is destroy Thor’s hammer like it was nothing, just showing how powerful she is. When she lands on Asgard, Hella goes to town and proceeds to kill everyone in her path. The thing that makes her interesting is her back story and how in twin with Asgard without really being there in the other Thor movies. Meaning, over the course of the film information about Asgard that make it not as Noble as it was once before. Every line that comes out her mouth is menacing making her that much cooler. Nevertheless her costume is one of the best designed, looking like she popped right out of the comics.

The plot is mostly about how Thor needs to get off the planet of Sakaar and defeat Hella back at Asgard. Along the way he meets crazy and quirky characters who act more like cartoons. The Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum, is the leader, having warriors fight in a arena, but really he’s just a big weirdo. Along the way he runs into a his friend from work, Hulk ,and shenanigans ensue from there. Also a new character, Valkyrie, who steals the scene every time she does anything. And last, but not least, Korg, who is the most hilarious character out of all the characters. Anything and everything he says is instantly quotable and could be written on top of a gravestone.
Overall, the movie was a enjoyable ride, without a dull moment in between. It is more of a comedy, which seems to be the direction they’re going for the MCU. In a way it  intensified some of the emotional impact of the bigger moments. When Asgard blew up they made a joke of it and it felt out of place. The movie could have been better if wasn’t so focused on humor the whole time and made it a little bit tragic.  Most of time the film was well paced and it’s one of the better MCU motion pictures, for its new direction of out-there sci-fi space adventure. It takes a different turn from the previous two Thor flicks, where it’s not afraid to throw everything at the wall. In conclusion it’s the best Thor movie to date and possibly the best Marvel film ever.