Teen Acne

—Christian Slater, Staff Writer—

acne_l.jpgHigh school can be considered a central hub of diversity and variation. Not one person has the exact same skin type, background, characteristics, or experiences. Acne can determine a person’s confidence and may vary well make someone uncomfortable in their own skin. Although acne is quite common in high school, it varies from a small to a more radical degree depending on genes and where the person’s skin falls on the oily to dry spectrum. Personally, I’ve grown up with intensely oily skin and the acne that came along with it has had a major factor on my confidence and self love thus far. A few years ago, my acne had reached a last resort in relation to medicine at the time. A medicine known as Accutane was prescribed to me and ultimately made my acne better, but I still continue to struggle with acne to this day.

How does someone obtain acne ?OSC_Microbio_21_02_acne.jpg

Everyone has dealt with some sort of acne within their high school years; it’s inevitable.  It’s  truly a part of growing up. Make the best of it when blemishes appear. Acne may be a result of oily skin with only genetics to blame. Unhealthy hygiene habits can also lead to pore blockage and acne prone skin. Don’t over do it! Studies have shown that excessive cleansing leads to overly dry and unhealthy skin. Take care of your skin! The best advice i’ve been told is to be patient. Dermatologists suggests that it takes 6 weeks to determine whether a medication or topical is working.

How many teens are affected by acne?

teenacne0915A whopping 85% of teens are affected by acne starting around age 11. Surprise! You’re not the only one. I know from personal experience that acne not only hurts physically in some cases, but affects the emotional mentality of a person’s day to day life. Acne plays a huge role on confidence, especially with teens, due to social ‘standards’ and perfections that ArZamtECQAMVFAr.jpgare dumb and merely made up of unrealistic goals. In some cases, people have even stayed home to avoid judgment as if the acne on their faces define who they are. News flash! Most of the time, others won’t even notice the acne that you’re stressing over.

What precautions can you take to prevent acne ?

Although genetics and hormonal fluctuations are a huge part in acne development, there are still numerous way to treat and prevent future acne. Using a light cleanser to clear 5118106617_eb697abb75_bout blocked pores can very well be a major solution to your skin issues. Dermatologist Ted Lain suggests that something as small as touching your face too much transfers bacteria and clogs pores. A huge factor when dealing with acne is letting it be; no popping or picking! Doing this to your skin only makes the inflammation deeper and ultimately worse. Take the initiative on obtaining healthy skin; keeping up with a daily routine specific towards dermal hygiene will improve your skin immensely. If non-specific over the counter remedies are not showing change within your skin, contact a skin care professional ( Dermatologist ) and they can assess a perfect treatment plan.