Should You Take an AP Elective?

—Jamie McEachin, Head Copy Editor—

Are you interested in taking AP Psychology, AP European History, AP Environmental Science, AP Studio Art, or any other AP electives that Cosby offers? If you’ve ever taken an AP course as a core class, such as your history, math, or science requirements, you understand what the workload is like. The pace can feel, and often is, very hurried; and you may be required to learn much of the curriculum on your own if you run out of time. But there are just as many benefits as there are costs when taking an AP elective; these classes are often the most interesting, complex classes offered in high school.  

And often, elective AP classes are taught by teachers that understand that elective course loads should be less than that of core AP classes. Just like other electives, these classes exist to create well-rounded, knowledgeable students that have the opportunities to foster their interests. Don’t let fear of a heavy course load stop you from pursuing a class that you find fascinating. If you are really concerned, ask the class’ teacher about the work they will expect to put your mind at ease.

Before commiting to an AP elective, ask yourself if you are passionate or even just interested in the topic that the class covers. If you have a good idea of what you like to learn about, why not choose an elective that feeds that interest while imparting something of value? Are you passionate about history, and want to travel in Europe? Maybe AP European History is the class for you. Are you interested in how the mind works, and why we think like we do? AP Psychology is a class that examines the psychological and physical reasons of why people act like they do.  Many other AP electives are offered, so every Cosby student should have the ability to explore

Besides the benefits of personal betterment and gaining knowledge, AP classes undoubtedly boost your GPA. By taking these classes that are classified as electives, you are getting a highly respected, high level class’ benefits, while taking a less stressful elective. The more AP classes and exams you have under your belt, the better you look for colleges.