Second Annual Women’s March

—Haley Harada, Staff Writer—

This past weekend, thousands upon thousands of diverse women came together on the

womens march 4
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anniversary of last year’s women’s march, to raise their voices and stand as one- to show that they have not given up on the fight for equality. Last year, it was widely debated whether or not the women’s march would turn into a movement or remain as a moment. A year later, the answer is clear: the women who make up our country are not wavering.


There are some people, mainly a part of the Conservative-Republican party, who oppose womens marchthis movement because they feel that it is an event targeted at attacking President Trump and his policies. While they’re not wrong about the participators’ obvious distaste for Mr. Trump, that’s not quite what the march is centered around. In fact, the march isn’t about just one thing in particular. The march is a way for people, mainly women and minorities, to come out and draw attention to what’s important to them. The march is used as a platform for people who wouldn’t normally cross paths, to come together and fight for each other and their rights- as a way for them

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to make their voices heard. Those who attended saw signs and speeches talking about things such as DACA, discrimination based on one’s race, religion, gender or sexuality, Black Lives Matter, putting an end to sexual assault and harassment, misogyny, women’s rights, and many other things that all have an underlying tone of equality for all. It’s not that their intent is solely to attack Trump, however, if these topics are all things that Mr.Trump has gone against and/or done things that would threaten the wellbeing of the people these things affect, they’re not going to stay silent.

Protest Trans Military Ban, White House, Washington, DC USA
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Since last years women’s march, women nationwide have continued to fight and accomplish many things. Numerous male politicians- such as Bob Marshall who worked towards very sexist, homophobic and racist policies- have lost their reelection towards more forward thinking people, such as virginia’s first openly transgender state lawmaker, Danica Roem. The #MeToo movement gained worldwide attention and exposed many sexual predators in high places and put them out of jobs which also led to the #TimesUp movement. A record breaking number of democratic female candidates are running for positions in office. Who knows what we’ll see happen this upcoming year.

No matter what your political opinions are, you cannot deny the fact that it is an incredible thing to witness. To see millions of women from around the country, of all ages, who all have different lives and come from different backgrounds, come together as one- to see them unite for a cause that they’re all passionate about- is incredible. These women are acknowledging that there is a problem and are actively fighting to fix it.

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They’re no longer sitting silent and enduring the consequences for choices that others in power have made for them. They’re rising up and standing for what they believe in. They’re taking the steps necessary in order to make a change. They’re ensuring that years from now when children are learning about this presidency and the effects of it in their history class, they will see that they were not silent. They did not accept it and suffer. They’re making sure that history hears their voice and remembers it.