Midwinter Showcase

—Concetta Hill, Staff Editor—

As February 7 approaches, students taking Theater 3 and 4 are preparing for their midwinter showcase; a show directed by the Theater 4 students that the Theater 3 students perform in. There are going to be four shows performed, all of which are comedies. The performance is free and will start at 7 pm and last until around 8:30 and is open for anyone in the community to come see! The four shows are In The Tanks, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors, Everyone Gets Eaten By Sharks, and A Murder Mystery..

In the tank
Photo courtesy of Jacklee

The show In The Tank, directed by Cosby seniors Ethan French and Garrison Holt, is- well, just as it sounds. It’s about a couple of lobsters who are captured and put in a tank and contemplating their purpose. The two lobsters in the tank begin to talk about why humans are “in charge” of every other species. According to director Ethan French, “it’s going to be the best show,” but the audience will be the judge of that!

Bad Auditions By Bad Actors is directed by Matt Smith, Bri Huff, Madison Davis, and Kira Swartz. The show is a comedy about a casting director trying to find two actors to play Romeo and Juliet in an upcoming performance, but every actor that walks through her door is impossible to work with. As the show continues, you see the casting director get more and more frustrated by both the people surrounding her and her assistant, named Roger. “I definitely think the show is coming along well, and I think a lot of people will enjoy it,” says Claire Ernesto, one of the actors in the show.

Before you kayak with paddles made of meat, watch the show Everyone Gets Eaten By

everyone gets eaten by sharks
Photo courtesy of Jeff Kubina

Sharks, directed by Danielle Hicks and Briana Vallejo; Hicks is the main director of the show while Vallejo is more focused on the technical parts of the show. The show is a comedy all about how to avoid getting eaten by sharks (or at least “postpone” it) in a world where one of the grim realities is that “most people, if not everyone, will eventually be eaten by sharks.” So to avoid the “inevitable,” it’s best to come watch this show!

In the show A Murder Mystery, directed by Megan Audia, Sam Dulin, and Bri Marcum, is exactly as it sounds! It’s a murder mystery based in a community theater where the actors are the suspects. It’s a comedy much like the other shows, and the directors are very much looking forward to hearing the audience’s chuckles and awes.

With the stress of the second semester creeping up, going to see a couple comedies can only benefit; seeing them for free is definitely a plus. Theater students have been working hard on these shows to make sure they’re as good as they can be. With few rehearsals left, many are getting anxious for their upcoming performance! It never hurts to support friends as they summon the courage to get up on stage and it always helps to have a friend there to encourage them! Consider coming to see the Midwinter Showcase at Cosby High School on February 7, 2018. As a reminder, the show is free for anyone to come see, and will last from 7-8:30 pm. Come out and support the Titan Theatre Troupe!