Michigan State Controversy

—John Mill, Staff Writer—

It is with a discouraging tone I must remind the readers that the sexual assault accusations that have been involved with Michigan State are not yet over. The last couple of weeks we have seen the bleak and tragic new float to the surface of media outlets of a controversy spanning well over many years. For those of you who may be in blissful ignorance of the situation, allow me to provide some insight.

What happened?

As of January 23 of 2018, an astounding total of well over 150 accusations have came about. The outrage has been directed toward not only the main offender, Larry Nassar, but to the school itself. Media outlets have showed their disdain over MSU trustee Joel Ferguson’s comments.

download.jpegJust this Nassar thing.”

Those were the comments from Ferguson. With that being quoted, the public has been upset, as MSU seems to not take this grave injustice to these girls as serious as people think they should be. A father of an astonishing three victims of Nassar attempted to charge assar at a court hearing. He was stopped, and as of now no charges will be pressed against the father.

Who did it?

Although there may be even more perpetrators involved in this situation, the glaring one is Larry Nassar. Nassar was an USA Olympics national team doctor who was arrested, tried, and convicted of being a serial child molester. The estimated number accusation tolls have seen 265 victims speak up. There has been some brewing ideals that Michigan State University, the offenders alumni, was with holding information to the public about these acts committed by the aforementioned Nassar.

What was the punishments?

As of last week, Nassar has been sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for a multitude of sexual assault charges. A large amount of victims spoke out against Nassar, currently over 140. That was a huge step for these victims getting past these assaults.

What now?

The issue with these sex scandals continuing to surface, they are like a scab. As they continued to get peeled off, they keep reforming, never fulling healing. This is an issue that needs to finally be resolved. The goal going forward should continue to speak up against these injustices. So begs the question, what do we need to do?

download (1).jpegKeep on going, do not allow these people to have the power. It is your duty that if you even have a suspicion against a potential scandal like this, speak up. Do not be passive. People allowed this to boil and cook for far too long. The results from that being the innocence mercifully being taken away from 100 plus girls.

We have to continue to educate our future generations about sexual assault. Larry Nassar committed atrocities that can never be taken back, and no one ever has, and ever will be able to change the past. Work to change the future. Students nowadays have counselors to go to, and it is crucial and important that these kids know about it. No matter how you spin it, the more we continue to perplex ourselves on why this happened and how could Larry Nassar do this, the more other innocent victims are unrightfully taken at the dispense of their predators. Stop future events like this from happening by doing one simple thing that everyone should do and have no quarrel with, speak up.