Know What You Should Do This Summer?

—Jamie McEachin, Head Copy Editor—

Though it’s only February, the cold weather seems to chafe even more now that Virginia weather has given Cosby students a small taste of spring. After a few days of warm weather, the cold weather feels much more harsh. For many of us, this means dreams of summer break, warm weather, and absolute freedom are ruling our thoughts. Planning for things we are excited about always makes the time spent in anticipation just a little shorter. And what can be more exciting than planning for everything that you want to do this summer? This is a list of a few ideas for an amazing, full, and memorable summer.

  1. Take a road trip with a few friends.

Road trips are amazing for bonding with friends: some of the best conversations takeScreenshot 2018-02-09 at 12.14.15 PM.png place in cars. Nothing feels quite as free as driving in a car on a hot summer day, windows down with a road trip playlist blasting, all while laughing and exchanging stories with your closest friends. While an exciting destination is always important, this idea is more about the drive.  But Virginia has many scenic drives to fun destinations: try the Blue Ridge Mountains’ Skyline Drive, or take the long route on any drive to see the beauty of Virginia and escape the highways.

  1. Spend a day in the city.

Richmond is one of the best small cities on the East coast, with amazing and diverse food in atmospheric restaurants, beautiful new and historic buildings, charming areas like Carytown, and a great local feel. The museums in Richmond are also incredibly worthwhile; the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has a diverse and sophisticated collection with interesting exhibits every year, and Richmond is home to countless history museums, both large and small.

  1. Spend a day at the beach.

What could be more relaxing than a day at the beach with a few friends? Get there early to beat the crowd, pack a great lunch, and spend the day in the sun. Virginia Beach is a great and classic option for Virginia residents, with its bustling boardwalk and long public beachfront. But there are many calmer, quieter beaches along the coast and Virginia’s lakes and rivers. Smith Mountain Lake is a great place to spend time in the water if you would rather avoid the bustle of Virginia Beach. The Chincoteague Islands are beautiful, quiet, and picturesque.

  1. Go to a concert of a band that you love.  

With the National and the Coliseum in Richmond, great bands are always in town on tour. Watch out for the shows that are booked, and you might find that some of your favorite bands will be in Richmond this summer. Spend the day getting ready with Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 12.11.55 PM.pngfriends, get there early to get close to the stage, and have a great night.

  1. Go to a festival.

Nothing feels more like summer then going to an outdoor music or arts festival. Dress in your best summer fashion, get exposed to new music you may love, and buy fun momentos from local artists to remember this summer.

  1. Visit a city that you’ve never been to.  

This could mean that you finally make the trip up to the excitement of New York City, or down to the quiet charm of Charleston; this summer is the perfect time to check it off of your bucket list.