sNO Days Left in Chesterfield County

—Decker Flamm, Staff Writer—

Over the last few weeks, students in Chesterfield County have missed 6 days of school due to weather related events. Snow has continually fallen within the last fortnite. Is this out of context for the state of Virginia to have snow in the month of January? No. Was anyone entirely shocked that we had to miss a few days of school due to snow? Absolutely not. So why did Chesterfield County only allow for 1 missed day of school all year due to weather before changes were made to this year’s school year?

Despite years of weather-related events causing Chesterfield County Public Schools to be cancelled, under the supervision of superintendent Dr. James F. Lane, only one missed day was banked based on the current number of instructional hours. This means that after one missed day of school, the county would have to begin taking away previously scheduled days allotted for certain holidays and awarded half-days. There is a plan for before January 1st and after. However, 3 weeks into January, we have missed six days due to snow and will most certainly have to miss more before the end of the school year. Here’s the missed school days plan listed by Chesterfield County Public Schools:

If school is closed after Jan. 1, 2018, the makeup schedule will be:

  • Missed Day 1: Banked time based on the current number of instructional hours
  • Missed Day 2: Early release scheduled for Feb. 2, 2018, becomes a full day for students
  • Missed Day 3: Make up on Feb. 19, 2018
  • Missed Day 4: Early releases scheduled for March 16, 2018, and April 13, 2018, become full days for students
  • Missed Day 5: Early releases scheduled for June 14-15, 2018, become full days for students
  • Missed Days 6-10: Beginning April 13, 2018, an additional five minutes will be added to the school day for every missed day

Our Superintendent, Dr. James F. Lane, is quoted at saying, “To keep students on pace with our curriculum, we must make up some of that missed time.” But is the problem the missed days, or the poor planning done by him and Chesterfield County for those days?

In Chesterfield County, the Superintendent determines makeup schedule. I´m not saying that the poor planning conducted by Chesterfield County in their involvement with inclement weather in the year of 2018 is entirely his fault, but I’m not, not saying that. Holidays like Presidents day have already been taken away.  What’s next? Year round school? Miss a few weeks and spend your summer getting an education? Poor planning has resulted in nothing but trouble for Chesterfield County. But the scariest question of all is: What happens after we miss 10 days of school? Is there a plan for that?