Should Electives Be Our Choice?

—Alex Klahn, Staff Editor—

Electives are the only classes that students get a choice in. However, should there be requirements in what type of electives that they take? In most high schools all students are required to take at least one art class during high school. Is that taking away the choice for the students? Electives allow students to take classes that they are interested in and are passionate about.

Not everyone is an artist or have a creative personality. They will never enjoy the class when it is being forced on them and they have no interest in it. Why should they waste their time taking a class that they will never pursue?

However, forcing students who may have never considered taking an art class may inspire them to continue and help them find a new passion. Art classes help students to express themselves in new ways whether it is through art, music, or theatre. “Before junior year I hadn’t taken an art class since elementary school and to my surprise it became one of my favorite classes,” said student Sarah Fields.

Art is not only about creativity, but it can improve critical thinking, concentration, teamwork and confidence. In many art programs such as theatre, music, and dance students are required to work together and share responsibility for their performances. They also learn about accountability as they must rely on their teammates. Performing on stage gives students a chance to step out of their comfort zone. According to a 2005 report by the Rand Corporation about the visual arts, “art can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing.” Students will be able to see with a new perspective as the learn about creativity and expression. Art helps students to express their emotions through their work. “Art was a very relaxing class and took off a lot of stress and allowed me to take a break from the usual studying and homework,” said Fields

High school is stressful for all students with all the classes and exams they have to manage. Many dedicated students will fill their electives with more stressful classes like another science or math classes. Everyone’s so focused on their GPA and getting into college that they only focus on their core classes. “All throughout high school I had taken only core subjects that would look good on my college application, but the one art class I was required to take lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders.” said Fields. Forcing an art class on students will allow them to enjoy a fun and relaxing class without them having to feel bad about taking an easy class.

Art is seen all throughout the world and represents different cultures in society. It is seen through theatre, music, dance, and architecture. Broadway is well known throughout the world through their theatre productions. Everyday people pay hundreds of dollars to watch their productions and experience the environment. People all throughout the world travel to New York City to watch a Broadway show. In Europe there is a lot of famous architecture such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Big Ben in London, and so many more.

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