Netflix Radar: Black Mirror

—Harrison Kostoff, Web Editor—

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Each month Netflix adds more new and exciting TV shows and movies to their online platform, one of which would be the English TV series Black Mirror. Originally the show was on UK television until it was bought by Netflix in September of 2015 however Black Mirror was actually released on Netflix in December of last year, but the show has gained most of its popularity in the past couple months or so. The show is produced by English satirist, journalist, author, screenwriter, and producer Charlie Brooker and it’s actually an anthology series with 4 seasons and a total of 19 episodes. For those who don’t know, an anthology series is one where each section or episode of the series is unrelated to the last. This means that each episode of Black Mirror is its own story and unrelated to the other episodes. Inspired by other famous anthology series such as The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror falls into a couple genres like sci-fi, dystopian, satire, and psychological thriller.


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If you’ve heard about Black Mirror before, then most likely you’ve been told that the first episode isn’t worth watching, and that’s completely accurate. The first episode is so weird and out of the blue it doesn’t set the right tone for the rest of the series, you can watch the first episode, just watch it once you’ve seen a couple of the other episodes first.

One of the main reasons Black Mirror is so captivating is because the things that happen in the episodes could happen in reality. I mean, not everything in the episodes are possible right now but they definitely seem like they might be in the near future once our human technology has developed further. Technology is the main focus of the show and as Charlie Brooker says, “There was a signature tone to the stories, the same dark chocolate coating – but the filling was always a surprise”. That ‘dark chocolate’ is technology, and in each episode that is very apparent.

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Brooker also said, “If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are the side effects?” and if that does not describe the main focus of Black Mirror I don’t know what does. The show takes that idea and puts it into action, asking questions like, “what if this was a thing?” and, “how would people live if this was a normal?” the “this” in each episode is always some sort of futuristic tech that changes or even controls society.

Favorite Episode List (from least to most):

Here are my six favorite episodes from Black Mirror in order from my least favorite to my most favorite. Most of them I chose because of how crazy or unheard of they are, or just their originality.

  1. Shut Up and Dance – Season 3 Episode 3

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  2. Nose Dive – Season 3 Episode 1
  3. Playtest – Season 3 Episode 2
  4. White Bear – Season 2 Episode 2
  5. Fifteen Million Merits – Season 1 Episode 2
  6. USS Callister – Season 4 Episode 1


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