Internet Battleground

—John Mill—

Oh no, the internet is coming to an end! The FCC has come to a vote and has voted on repealing Net Neutrality. This is an act that basically regulates how internet speeds for images.jpgcertain websites are more equal, and have equal internet traffic. Ajit Pai, one of the executives for the FCC, has gone on record saying the bill is still going through revisions. The bill still needs to be voted in through Congress, in which the date for that is undetermined.

There are some misconceptions with this bill to the general public. Like some of the following thoughts.

No, for the most part, you won’t have to pay for certain websites. It won’t cost 25 cents a Google, or five dollars for a tweet. These social medias and other internet outlets will still be free. Also, based on your internet provider, you could even experience faster internet speeds for certain websites.

There are some drawbacks to this. For example, based on your provider, you could experience even slower speeds for certain websites, as internet traffic would be slower for certain websites. Example, a company such as Verizon could put Netflix in a sort of downloadfast lane, so that users using this specific website, with this specific provider, will experience slower speeds.

Another major drawback is that smaller websites trying to get started up will be hinder by this repeal. Smaller websites will suffer from this, as they could be receiving slower internet speeds. That is only a potential outcome.

How will the world survive with this?

The good news is this bill came into pass in 2015, by the Obama administration. So the world may make it. The rebuttal to that is the reliance the world has on the internet since then has greatly increased. We will have to wait and see how the internet community responds as they attempt to settle in with these changes. Changes, of course, that may not happen, as Congress could not vote it it.

Regardless, we will have to find, good or bad.