Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

Eric Annet, PR

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the eighth episode in the Star Wars saga, directed by Rian Johnson. The movie has become somewhat of a conversion between fans, because of odd character motivations changing, unnecessary subplots, and the amount of jokes that felt out of place. Overall quality of the film is very high and is a worthy addition to the film franchise, the complaint fans have are small nitpicks. Returning characters all have good character development and contribute to the plot in some way. The new characters are either really annoying or have no relevance to the overarching plot. The story that progresses is interesting but has flaws. It’s like three movies going in different directions, but comes to together at the end. It took the Star Wars formula and spun its head, but that’s what many fans had a problem which is a worthy complaint. The Last Jedi is another hit for Disney, and there is plenty of more Star Wars movies to come out in the near future.

Rey wants to be trained in the ways of the Jedi, meanwhile Luke doesn’t  want to teach her anything, but eventually begins her training. When the audience meets Luke he is a big bump on the log, wanting nothing to do with Rey. Eventually, he tells Rey what has happened between episode six and seven to make him so bitter. It’s understandable to see where he is coming from, but some of his actions in the flashback feel out of character and contradicts his actions in previous films. By the end, his character arch feels complete and a worthy end to the legacy of Luke Skywalker.

Rey is the opposite of Luke, her story is just starting and so is Kylo Ren’s. We learn more about her past, but it’s up in the air if it’s true or not. Her struggle is trying to find her place and where to turn for guideline in the force. Luke is not having it with her, but she is starting to open up to Kylo, so she’s wired in between to choose her teacher. The dark side is pulling her, but she ultimately winds up doing what’s best for and the galaxy. At the end of the film she goes through the most character development.

Kylo Ren’s motivations are mostly him dealing with his mommy and daddy issues. His character is dealing with the stress of killing his father, Snoke making him doubt himself as a Sith, and finding a way to pull Rey to the dark side. He goes through lots of mood swing all throughout the movie. One moment he wants to help Rey and the next moment he’s trying to kill his mother. Very fitting for his character, it’s as if he just an anxious teenager who is lashing out at his family. All the characters learn from their mistakes, except Ren and it leads to his down fall at the end of the film. Luke gives the audience some back story on what pulled Ren to the dark side. It lends a hand to what drove him to the dark side and insight on what makes him the way he is. Kylo Ren has the most emotional turmoil and flawed story arch out of all the character.

While Rey spends her time learning from Luke Skywalker, Finn is going on his own mission with a new character, Rose. They have to find a hacker to get the empire off their tail, so they go to Canto Bight, a casino planet. Some fans say that this sub plot had no real pay off, but they are wrong. It showed us the biggest theme of the movie, failure and learning from mistakes.  Over the course of this segment Finn and Rose form a bond, at the end they might have failed but it’s about saving loved ones. It’s the best representation of the deeper meaning of what the film boils down to. Both Finn and Rose learn a lot and are better-developed characters because of it.

Poe was the least developed character in The Force Awakens; they were actually were going to kill him off, but they liked him so much they kept him around for the sequel. The only problem being the direction of the character wasn’t planned out, yet his character arch is still really intriguing. He goes in a darker path by questioning authority and putting his ego above the lives of the rebellion. In contrast with him is Admiral Holdo, who is in charge after Leia is put out of commission. Both Poe and Holdo have some good back and forths between each other that creates tension. Many have argued that Holdo was in the wrong, needing to tell Poe what the plan was instead of keeping secrets from him. It’s a valid argument, but Poe was cocky, acting too full of himself. By the end he learns to not be so impulsive, going guns blazing into battle.

Star Wars The Last Jedi is one of the standouts hits from 2017. Putting a spin on the pre-established formula that has worked in the past, but not here. Johnson should be applauded for his efforts not booed by the fandom. Every character feels as if they have

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some stake in the plot, everyone shines with the material they are given. When compared to the other Star Wars installments it’s in the middle, better than the prequels, but not as good as the original trilogy. Overall not everyone was happy, but still did what it planned to do from the start, make a boatload of money for Disney.