Weather Preparations

Concetta Hill

As winter approaches, many people are going to start having issues with the weather such as not knowing how to dress or struggling with icy windows in the morning. Though it is true that the weather here in Virginia is hard to predict, it never hurts to be prepared for the possibility of a sudden drop in temperature.

One thing a lot of students start to struggle with around this time of year is knowing what to wear to school when it’s freezing in the morning yet warm in the afternoon. The easiest solution is to wear jeans and a t-shirt and always have a sweatshirt on hand, as we all know different areas of the school can feel like different temperatures, as well. A big complaint everyone has heard in the halls is how cold areas like the commons and the gym are, yet in certain classrooms students feel like they’re overheating. That is exactly why it pays to be prepared for anything.

The other big issue is that no one is really prepped for is icy windows while trying to drive to school. Sure, it’s easy to defrost the windows, but that typically takes several minutes. Many people have said that their windows don’t start to clear up until they’re starting to get to Cosby. The best way to fix the problem of icy windows is the have a scraper in the car to get them cleared more quickly. Also, you should know that the heat in your car compared to outside is what is causing the windows to fog up, so it may not hurt to keep the car a little cooler than comfortable.

Though the weather has been a bit behind with its season changes this year, it’s crucial to know what is about to come. Winter may hit hard this year, so being prepared early will make the transition easier on many of the students here at Cosby. Be prepared and stay safe as the icy mornings start to roll in!

Photo Courtesy to Cover Photo From Kaboompics