Bring Back TNN!

– Harrison Kostoff, Staff Writer –

What is TNN?

I asked a couple of my fellow seniors if they knew what TNN was, and to my surprise, all

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 but one senior had no clue what it was. TNN, otherwise known as the Titan News Network, was a daily broadcast created by students that shared school information as well as local and national news. It used to run a couple years back before my class even attended Cosby, and from what past students that experienced TNN have told me, it was highly enjoyed by the populous of Cosby.

TNN was more than just a school news network, it was a way for students who were interested in film creation to have an outlet that gave them actual experience in making videos. Not only that, but TNN also had a very goofy/comical feeling to it, almost like watching a cartoon, that uplifted the spirits of the students and staff watching while also providing a good laugh.



Three Senior’s takes on TNN

I interviewed three of my senior friends regarding if they thought bringing back TNN was a good idea or not. I figured seniors would be the best students to interview because they’ve been in the school the longest and they understand what the effects of bringing back something like TNN.

The first senior that I interviewed was Jack Felice, who has attended Cosby since his freshman year. I asked Jack what he thought bringing back TNN would mean and Jack responded saying TNN would be a “very positive contribution to the school attitude”. The next senior I spoke to was Josh Williamson, who also has

TNN was terminated because the students behind TNN ruined the broadcast with multiple references to marijuana and “making brownies.” Now I understand why TNN was canceled, we can’t just have students openly referencing illegal drugs on a school sponsored media. However, what is stopping Cosby from bringing back TNN nowadays?

Bring Back TNN

The students behind the demise of TNN are long gone from Cosby, so why not bring TNN back? Especially since most students that currently attend Cosby don’t even know what TNN was! TNN really had a positive impact on the school and the broadcast itself added

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to the Cosby legacy. Perhaps if the TNN name has forever been ruined, TNN could take on a new name like the Cosby Titan Broadcasting Network (CTBN) or the Cosby Titan News Network (CTNN). These new names would help get rid of the negative image left behind by the old TNN. Not only this but due to the cafeteria flatscreens and the chromebooks TNN could be viewed very easily by all students, in and out of the classroom on their own time. This means that teachers don’t have to be required to take class time in order to watch the new TNN in class. Just like The Bolt, the new TNN is optional so students aren’t required to see it, but they can if they want to.


What do you think?

Do you think TNN should be brought back? If you want to share your opinion please take this short one question poll regarding the revival of TNN and see where your opinion falls with everyone else’s!


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