The New Bathroom Pass System: Good or Bad?

— By Harrison Kostoff

The 2017-2018 school year has implemented a lot of new policies and changes in and outIMG_20170927_122237 of the classroom. One of these new policies is the colored bathroom pass system. If you have to use the bathroom in class you’re now required to use a bathroom pass specific to the bathroom closest to the class you’re in. Each bathroom has a color card on the wall beside the entrance and each bathroom pass has a color on it that matches.

I went out and personally interviewed three students on what they thought about this IMG_20170927_122216new system. Most of the responses were the same.

Cosby senior Carter Amos stated that the new system was “pointless” and spoke to me about how the system just creates even more confusion and actually makes the whole process worse. Amos went on a rant about how the system looks like it would solve the problem but in reality it does nothing and could even create more problems.

Amos’ statement had me thinking, could this new system create more problems instead of solving old ones? I came to the conclusion that the passes could in fact create a new problem.

For example, say a student who doesn’t care much about their time in class takes the IMG_20170927_122331bathroom pass just to go waste time for 20 minutes in the bathroom. Well now students who actually have to use the bathroom have to wait until that single time-wasting student gets back so that they can relieve themselves.

The simple solution would be to just take away the colored bathroom pass system and just revert to the old system where students just had to write a pass on their planner or a piece of paper. Another solution could be to have two passes instead of just one, so that more than one student from each classroom could go at any given time.

Curtis Mason, who is also a senior and has attended Cosby since his freshman year said, “I really enjoy the bathroom passes because it restricts our freedom, and I love that”. Now obviously there was a large amount of sarcasm to his statement but I find it interesting how much students are against this new system. I asked Mason why he IMG_20170927_122520thought the new system was put into place, he responded, “Because people were chucking poop on the walls and smoking weed,” and in a sense he is right. Last year there were a couple cases where feces was smeared on the walls of multiple of the men’s bathrooms. I personally experienced times where I would walk into the bathroom and kids were [participating in illegal drug-related activities]. Not only that, but this year I’ve also seen graffiti and obscene drawings on almost every wall in the men’s bathrooms even with these colored passes! Finally I asked Mason if he thought these bathroom passes helped put a stop to the problems we witnessed last year, and he thought that they did not solve the problem in the slightest.

The last student I interviewed was Omar Khan, yet another senior. Khan has only been here since his junior year last year. Omar said that he likes some of the new policies set in this year, unlike his fellow seniors. Like Mason, he agrees that one of the reasons this policy was set in place was to stop IMG_20170927_095207students from walking around and wasting time. Khan brought a new issue to my attention: are the passes even enforced? Khan told me a story about how he went to the office with the wrong pass and wasn’t questioned by any of the teachers he passed on his way there.

So what even is the point of these new bathroom passes if they aren’t stopping kids from wasting time, they aren’t being enforced, and students are still writing all over the walls of the bathrooms?

Photo Courtesy to Harrison Kostoff

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