Future Improvement for Varsity Football

—Concetta Hill, Copy Editor—

picture 1 september article

So far this season, our Varsity Football team has been 1-4 with several rough losses. While talking to a few players on the team, they’ve all agreed that while their season has not been the best, they are working hard to bring it back and make it everything it should be. With the team’s recent win, 41-14 against George Wythe, the whole school seemed to build up more spirit for the season to come.

Gavin Kendall, #58 on the field for defensive linebacker and offensive guard, says that he picture 2 september articlebelieves the team is good, but they have a bad habit of messing themselves up more than other teams. “It’s mostly due to inexperienced players, but that’s something that comes with time.” Kendall stays very positive throughout the interview, saying, “No, I’m confident in our team and what we can do,” when asked if there was anything he was doing himself to improve the season. He also says that he thinks the recent win against George Wythe has given the team a lot of confidence for the upcoming weeks of practices and games.

“We’re a young team and we make mistakes here and there, but if we can fix them and all come together we can win some games,” says Cole Magnusen, #48 strong safety. IMG_7904He says a few players on the team tend to play for themselves as opposed to the team, and that he believes that’s a big reason why the team hasn’t been winning. He also says that the players are working harder to have a good bond off the field as well as on, and that their bond should help them work together. When asked about the recent win, Magnusen says, “It gives us confidence for Clover Hill this week and the games after, but our student section also helps a lot in games getting us hyped up.” He believes that as the team’s season progresses, it should improve.

While interviewing Max Lanniel, #77 center, he says that this recent win is going to be a turnaround for the team’s season. One big reason Lanniel believes the team hasn’t been winning is that after a bad play they will often give up, but he says that he thinks the team is getting over this and will finally be able to “push on and improve as a team.” “I feel like this win will hype up the team to break through the barrier of failure and really show what we can do,” he says. Much like Magnusen, Lanniel believes that the team is finally beginning to work together and pull everything together as a whole.

Overall, it seems that the team believes that the start of their season does not define the IMG_7905end. The more the team plays, the closer they feel and the better they think they can work together. While this may have been a rocky start, the further they get into the season the more games they can win. This rocky start hasn’t lessened the hopes of our team, and it shouldn’t lessen ours, either!

The spirit we show at our football games is hard to beat, and several players like Magnusen agree that it is helpful to the way they play. The encouragement they’re given by the student section helps hype them up and their energy is a big part in what wins them the game. For success there needs to not only be a bond with the players on the field, but a bond throughout the school as we cheer on our team IMG_7903no matter who we play. While whether our team continues to win their future games or not is important, how they play is the key factor. They could play the best they have all season and still lose the game depending on who we are playing, so their improvement can’t be based on their wins versus their losses. The improvement of our team will be shown by their sportsmanship and the way they plow through the rest of the season.

Header Photo Courtesy to Concetta Hill