A Letter From the Editor

Dear readers, parents, and fellow Cosby students,

My name is Shanyn Valentine and I was the co-editor-and-chief of our school’s online news magazine. I’ve been in this class from the beginning so it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. Sweet because I know I’m leaving our amazing publication team in good hands and on track to bigger and better things as a newspaper. And bitter because even though this is my time to move on I will forever miss being a part of something like the Cosby Bolt.

Throughout my time as a staff writer and an editor, I’ve learned so much about the journalism industry and all the skills that go into being a journalist. How to sit through and engage in an interview with a complete strangers. How to face awkward situations head on with confidence in retrieving answer. How to successfully edit another staff writers work. How to write an article that can appeal to both sides of an argument, not just one. Most importantly, however, I’ve learned how to work with my staff and encourage them to publish their very best work.

To be honest however, I will miss something else much more than staff production meeting and article writing. I will miss our amazing sponsor, leader, and head; Ms. Weakly. Ms. Weakly hasn’t just been our teacher sponsor, she’s been our support system, our organizer, the one with connections and ideas that we all like to run with. She’s patient and calm when we are not, and she loves to play devil’s advocate to get us thinking. She’s been the mastermind behind our publication from even before its first release date.

These past two years have been amazing. From brainstorming what the name of our newspaper should be, to ordering pizza to celebrate launch day, to discovering our fan base in other countries, to interviews for editor positions, to nachos and team building to my final journalism class.

Thank you cosby community, readers, and parents.

Thank you  Cosby Bolt staff members.

Thank you to my co-editor and chief: Esther Chung.

And an even bigger thank you to our amazing teacher, for all she does for us, Ms. Weakly.


It’s been a great two years Cosby Bolt Community. Thanks for stopping by for your News In A FLASH.


Until next time,

Shanyn Valentine

Co-editor-and-chief 2016-2017

Photo Courtesy of Cosby High School