Weird College Majors

―Catherine Milroy, Staff Writer―

Every year, new young people enter universities to follow a particular field of study. Some student have already decided what they want to do, or where they intend to go—others, not so much. Well, fear not! There are thousands of potential majors and minors available at schools across the country. These are some of the more unique or unusual fields, and one of the schools and one of the schools where the major is offered:

Fermentation Sciences: The study of brewing alcohol. Students of this major would learn the designs and engineering processes of breweries, through courses like Brewing Science and Analysis, and Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer. Vineyards, wineries, breweries, and

(by fancy_ujin via Flickr)
Fancy_ujin via Flickr

distilleries are all examples of prospective employment places.

This Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is available at Appalachian State University.

Popular Culture: The study of pop culture elements and their effects on society. This includes, but is not limited to, television, movies, music, books and magazines, and sports. Advertising companies, marketing companies, and public relations are all very accessible fields with this major.

This Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is available at Bowling Green State University.

Race Track Industries: The study of everything involving horseraces and horserace tracks.

(by Canon 700D via Flickr)
Canon 700D via Flickr

Students could pursue narrowed studies involving horse breeding, training horses for racing, track management, or farm management. While horse-related careers are obviously the main prospect after graduation, there are also opportunities in announcing, journalism, and photography.

This Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is available at Arizona State University.

Astrobiology: The study of life in the universe. This field researches into evolution, life-supporting environments, the origins of humanity, and life outside of this solar system. As the major requires tools from other areas like astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, and aerospace engineering, the possible jobs from this field of study are extremely applicable in various science positions.

This Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is available at both Penn State and Washington State University.

Sexuality Studies: The study of human sexuality, from perspectives such as the historical, psychological, cultural, and biological. This major also looks into how sexuality is influenced by sex, gender, class, and ethnicity. Students would take courses such as Primate Sexuality, Visual Representations of LGBT Subjects, and Sex and Gender in the Ancient World. This major offers job prospects in health care, social work, counseling, and advocacy.

This Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is available at Ohio State University.

Adventure Education: The study of teaching to various groups how to engage in outdoor

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Couleurs101 via Flickr

activities. This field is concentrated on safety and personal growth, with courses such as Wilderness Expedition and Whitewater Kayaking. National park service, environmental education programs, and outdoor programs are prospective career areas as well as the potential to teach activities like rock climbing, winter camping, rope courses, and kayaking.

This Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is available at Plymouth State University.