What it’s like to be an Introvert

—Ally Laudon, Staff Writer—

What is an Introvert?

An introvert is an individual who thrives from solitude, and this quality makes social situations draining. The typical introvert is shy and is usually concerned mostly about how they feel within the world, rather than evaluating the feelings and concerns of the world. Also, many introverts are very careful not to come to conclusions and evaluate all aspects, as they tend to be very analytical. Shyness is also a noticed character trait of people identified as introverts.

How Do Introverts Differ from Extroverts?

Extroverts tend to be energized by other people and social situations, whereas most social events can be stressful or draining for an introvert. Extroverts are less concerned with their feelings than they are with what’s happening in their surroundings, how other

“Smile if you’re an extrovert, straight face if you’re an introvert.”

people are reacting or feeling. Also, extroverts make many impulsive decisions, not considering all of the consequences in the future, but focused on an instant gratification approach. On the contrary, introverts tend to analyze so far into the distant future that their decisions are carefully made and based on several different hypothetical situations.

Is It Possible to be Both?

The idea of being an extrovert or an introvert is a 20th century idea by psychiatrist Carl Jung, and stayed a relatively popular idea until recently, when a large amount of people tended to characterize themselves under both personality types. Many people believe that they can’t be classified as only one or the other because they can be stressed by social situations but don’t necessarily analyze and worry about the future. Or another example would be intense satisfaction by all social interactions, yet tend to be drawn to themselves when feelings are involved. However, there are still several individuals who would classify themselves purely as an extrovert or introvert with no influence from the other personality characteristics.

Photo Courtest of Ally Laudon