Natural Hair Tips

—Jada Williams, Staff Writer —

Natural hair is a beautiful thing to embrace, but it can be hard to take care of and it may be a lot of responsibility, too. These tips and tricks just may be a lifesaver.

Use a Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Sulfates are not healthy for curly or kinky hair. Natural curls and kinks tend to be more dry than other hair types and sulfates dry them out more. We’re taught that lather is good, but not in this situation. Sulfates do help get off excess product, so if hair is feeling “gunky,” use a sulfate shampoo but immediately re-wash with a sulfate free shampoo.

No Towel Drying

Towel drying is a very common thing and almost everyone does it, but it causes frizz! Curly hair tends to frizz, it’s natural, but too much frizz is not a good thing. Switch to a cotton T-Shirt, it works the same and doesn’t completely dry out hair.

Be Protective

At night, wrap hair in a silk bonnet or invest in a silk pillowcase! Other fabrics could dry out the hair follicle and possible cause breakage, and we definitely don’t want that happening.

What Works for Them, May Not Work For You

in-article-1What this means is that a product may work for one person, but not work for the other. It all depends on the hair type, density, and porosity.

Volume, Volume, Volume

Most curly heads live for big hair. It’s like their reputation. But what happens when achieving big hair is almost impossible? If you diffuse, try diffusing with cold air towards the end or even all the way through. Using hot air results in more frizz and could possibly cause heat damage in the long run. If you prefer air drying, try using an afro pick or wide tooth comb to gently “pick” out the roots.

Everyone’s Hair is Different

Stating the obvious here, everyone’s curls and kinks are different. Just because one person’s hair curls a certain way, doesn’t mean the other person’s will. Don’t try to achieve 3A curls with a 4B hair texture.

Photos Courtesy of Jada Williams