Behind the Bolt

— Shanyn Valentine, Co-editor in Chief —

The track team? Nope. Yearbook? Nada. TNN? Not a chance. That thing on the library window with the dog from that movie and all the lightning bolts.  Who are they?  What are they? What do they img_5617want? How did they get here? Well to answer those questions, we have to go back. Back to the beginning. The beginning after the end.  

It was a long time ago, in a classroom far far away. It probably started even before its IMG_5611.JPGoriginal release date. Plans were being made, and a teacher was being assigned to take over the class that was Broadcast Journalism aka TNN. Its name was changed as was its purpose. It was more writing than videos, more articles than segments. Most of the days leading up to the release date, our class learned the basics: How to write an article. How to write a headline. But then it was time to get down to business. Ourr first release date was in late February 2016, followed by a pizza party.

IMG_5615.JPGWe’ve covered controversial topics ranging from planned parenthood, to exploring islamophobia and the “isms”, to dissecting the Black Lives Matter movement, to feminism at Cosby, to covering the 2016 election.

We’ve covered simpler and less controversial topics ranging from the science behind “April Showers Bring May flowers,” to seasonal fashion, to tips and tricks for athletes, to surviving high-school.

A lot of people know about us. About 60% of the student body know about us. Only a small amount of that 60% have actually acted on that knowledge and visited Many students weigh in on what they want from our mysterious website designers. A senior, Ireon Brooks, about what would motivate her to visit the website:  “If it contained important information that pertained to the school and our activities,” she said.

Another senior, Olivia Pyatak, a student who has visited the website before, contributed her thoughts as well. “I would like to see more input from students about various topics to get more of a wide range of opinions to learn from. I like to read what other people think.”

Jordan Bradley, a senior, said, “I’d love to see more current events and our schools reaction to those events.”

img_5610Our sponsor and leader, Mrs. Weakley, an English teacher at Cosby, also spoke of her thoughts on where we should be headed in regards to what students gain from visiting the website. “I hope that students and staff and parents who read The Bolt see how diverse and intelligent and committed to each other Cosby students are and how much they are impacting the world around them,” she said.

What do their elusive members say about their organization? Jada Williams, a sophomore at Cosby, and a member of our small group expresses her reasons for joining and what this organization means to her. “It’s an easier way for me to express what I love without the physical contact, plus I love writing in general.” She says.

So, who are we? What do we do?

We are the journalists. The go-getters. The truthful reporters. The excited interviewers. The online newspaper authors. The headline designers. The creative minds.

We are The Cosby Bolt.   

All Photos Courtesy of Shannon Valentine