Cheap Places to Visit this Winter

—Catherine Milroy, Staff Member—

As summer approaches, some may want to travel abroad this year. Many people do; travel is exciting and full of new experiences. But international travel can be particularly expensive. For those who want to visit another country over break, but are having difficulties with shelling out absurd amounts of money, here are just a few of the many countries where the US dollar is very strong, and a bit of money can go a long way for a nice trip. (These don’t include airfare or cruise fare!)



(Photo Courtesy of Jessica Neal)

Thailand is a beautiful Asian country to visit. The beaches there are pristine with clear oceans, there are multitudes of Buddhist temples and other religious sites to visit, and tons of amazing dishes to try for foodies. Even the priciest hotels, tours, and dining is inexpensive―the Thai Baht equates to about 2.8 cents in US dollars, so even the most expense-ridden day in Thailand will still remain under $100. The country is known to have a high regard for women, so safety is not an enormous concern.


Costa Rica


(Photo Courtesy of Alex de Carvalho)

For a closer vacation destination, Costa Rica is a wonderful option, especially for those looking to go on some outdoor excursions. White water rafting, hot springs, volcanoes, cave diving, and wildlife safaris are all available here, with lush rainforests and mountains dotting all over the country. Costa Rica is also home to Nayara Springs, rated as the number one spa in the world by Conde Nast in 2016 and the number two luxury hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure in 2014. The Costa Rican colón is about 0.0018 cents in US dollars, so even the best restaurants of the country’s amazing cuisine, and the most expensive beachside lodges are totally affordable. Other than simple accidents on an adventurous outdoor activity, the only danger currently is for pregnant women, as the zika virus is known to exist in parts of the nation.




(Photo Couresy of Mauro)

By far, Vietnam is the cheapest country to visit if you’re an American. The Vietnam dong equates to 0.000045 cents in the United States! Even if someone had to fly to another part of the country, ate at a gourmet restaurant, and went to stay in a luxury hotel, they’d only spend an average of $100 US. The country is incredibly safe (if you follow standard safety procedures of day-to-day life, of course); although, blondes and blue-eyed people may get a lot of attention, as they’re a very uncommon sight in Vietnam. It’s a very scenic place to go, with white sanded beaches, islands dotted off of the coasts, and old forests. Vietnam, like Thailand, is another Buddhist country, and thus has multiple temples that offer tours, some of which are still used by monks and priests. Museums are around to visit for those looking for the history regarding the Vietnam War, and pagodas of several former emperors for those who are looking to see ancient wonders. The only thing to be wary of are the roads, as vehicular accidents are relatively common due to lax regulations.


Header Photo Courtesy of Catherine Milroy