A Trip to London

—Sydney Gaff, Co-Head Web Editor—

Traveling abroad is an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. One place that is highly recommended for new and experienced travelers alike is London. London is an

The London Eye

amazing city with loads to experience, and it is different enough so that a traveler can
experience a new culture, but similar enough to the United States so that it isn’t to difficult to get around.

There are many places and many things to do in London, but one of the most famous and sometimes most desired things to do is ride the London Eye. Riding the Eye is something I
highly recommend accomplishing on day one, and this is because it is a great way to get a good look of the city right off the bat! It can really help people get a basic understanding of the city and even where some things are.

New York may have Time Square and Fifth Avenue, but London has Piccadilly Circus! This area is full of life, no matter what time of day a tourist visits. It is full of high fashion

Tower Bridge

stores, but also stores that the average consumer would go to, too. Piccadilly also has lights and screens similar to Time Square. This is also the area that someone would most likely go to if they were seeing a show in London, such as Phantom of the Opera or Wicked.

If shopping and fashion is what sparks your curiosity then London is a great city to be in. London is known for its high fashion stores, such as Harrods. Harrods is known worldwide for its huge selection of luxury items from all of the biggest designers, but they do not only sell clothing there; there are also beauty products, accessories, and an entire floor just dedicated to shoes (which is appropriately named ‘Shoe Heaven’).

Harrods even has something for the food lovers, a floor with multiple eating areas, some with savory foods, but many that are sure to hit a person’s sweet tooth.

Cambridge, England

There are also places that could be day trips that are just outside of London, and a personal favorite of mine is Cambridge University. Cambridge has this beautiful old England feel to it that can still be found in London, but not nearly to the same extent. Cambridge has curvy stone roads that throughout, with buildings that resemble something that many would think they would see during the time period of Oliver Twist.

An activity that I and many others would suggest to do during your time in Cambridge is to go punting around the campus. Punting is riding around the campus in a canoe or a gondola, and this can be done with a tour guide or by yourself; however, I highly suggest going with a guide because that is a great way to learn loads of information about the college.

Teachers from Cosby also have many recommendations, such as Mr. Abbott, who recommends, “Trafalgar Square, which is home to several of London’s excellent, and free,

Buckingham Palace

museums; St. Paul’s Cathedral, the famous neoclassical cathedral built by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire; and The Tower Bridge.” Mrs. Clark says that the, “Imperial War Museum, Churchill War Rooms, Big Ben, and  Houses of Parliament,” are must sees in London.

No matter what is done in London, there is always something for everyone! The city and areas around it are full of such a diverse populace, unlike anywhere else in the world, which makes it so unique and interesting.

All photos courtesy of Sydney Gaff