Tailgating to Victory

—Shanyn Valentine, Co-Editor in Chief—

img_5518Lightning Legion has taken Cosby by storm since the beginning of the school year by plastering flyers on walls and campaigning heavily to reach their goal of 400 members. Currently, the club is hurtling towards its goal with around 270 members as of November 2016. Mr. Schumaker, a Spanish teacher at Cosby, is the head of this student fan organization, which has been around for 9 years.

“Our goal is to get out timg_5517here and support at least one of every athletic event,” Schumaker says, speaking about the mission of this fan organization. Many students feel Lightening Legion spreads positivity throughout the student body and the athletes they are going to support. Senior Jordan Bradley, a member of the Girls Volleyball team says, “[Lightning Legion] made me feel supported.”  

Lightning Legion members show up to sporting events and chorus concerts alike to show their support for most of Cosby’s extracurriculars, and sports, most often to football, basketball, volleyball games. Last year, they added some new events that they support when they tailgated the play, High School Musical. “We also tailgated Legally Blond as well,” says Shumaker.

img_5520Schumaker has a guaranteed formula for tailgating, and this may be why Legion members have such a good time. “You only need three things to have a good tailgate,” Schumaker says, “cornhole, music, and food.” Lightning Legion definitely offers that and much more to their members.

There are multiple benefits for those who join, and perks of membership include member t-shirts, scarves, stickers, fan buses to big events, and of course, the best of all, PAINT!

For away games, the Lightning Legion orders a fan bus for its members. However, this is only possible when a large number of members attend games, so students are encouraged to join Lightning Legion and sign up to ride the bus before a game. This gives everyone a chance to take the bus together, rather than find rides individually. Mr. Schumaker also promises dum-dum lollipops, spirit paint, and team cheers, as well as music for the ride.


This year, alongside the student fan organization, fans will find the second annual Cosby Pep Band. The pep band works hand-in-hand with the Lightning Legion, starting during basketball season. To have a chance to see the band perform, students can join anytime and show up to games once the basketball season begins.

Overall the goal of the Lightning Legion is to promote  positive feelings and vibes for both the students and the athletes alike. It’s not too late to get in on the fun, sportsmanship, and the revelry of tailgating and supporting school teams. To sign up, visit Mr. Schumaker in room 121 with $20 dues to receive membership, shirts, scarves and stickers. After you join, you too can help strike spirit into Cosby as a member of the Legion.


Header Photo Courtesy of Shanyn Valentine

Article Photos Courtesy of Mr. Schumaker