Movie Review: An Accounting of The Accountant

—Eric Annet, Contributing Writer—

The Accountant is a crime/drama thriller, directed by Gavin O’Connor (Warrior and Jane Got a Gun). It’s Ben Affleck’s best film this year, but that’s not saying much because even with a strong, compelling, lead character, the film is nothing but mediocre.   

Ben Affleck’s Christian Wolf, is what really drives the movie. His character is autistic, but Affleck plays the roll well without being offensive. Everytime he wasn’t on screen, I wanted him back for his subtle but awkward performance. Affleck demonstrates his amazing fighting techniques and marksman skills in beautifully choreographed fight scenes which will no doubt make anyone grip their seats in anticipation. Affleck also shows Wolf’s extreme intellect by crunching the numbers, emphasizing why he is a  accountant. His past, that haunts him, made me really feel for his character.  

 It’s too bad that none of Ben Affleck’s co-stars really stand out. Everyone has seen them in these type of rolls. Anna Kendrick doesn’t show up until halfway through the movie and provides comic relief as the love interest for Wolf. However, she could have been a cut out and the movie would have been the same. She was simply there to move the plot along. Jon Bernthal was good in the scenes he was in, but there were too few scenes to say anything about him. There was twist at the end with his character, which was surprising, but the twist could have been set up better and stops the movie .

The story was all over the place. For, example there were too many subplots going on at once, and it left me confused. There was a side story going on with J.K. Simmons and Cynthia Addai-Robinson that was just there to add back story for Wolf and add time to the movie.  It could have been taken out and there would no difference in the story; the movie would actually have been better off without it. There were a few knots that still needed to be tied that left me wanting to go back and fix them.

In conclusion, The Accountant is a puzzle with a few missing pieces, but it had a compelling main character that kept me interested. Regular moviegoers are better off skipping it.

Photo Courtesy of DRs Kulturarvsprojekt