Election Recap: Trump Wins

― Jamie McEachin, Head Copy Editor―

The election of 2016 has ended with a surprising result: Donald J. Trump, the former reality show star and newcomer to the Republican ticket, won the national presidential election on November 8, 2016, against the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

file_000-2Clinton was projected by most polls to be the favorite to win this election, and she did win the popular vote at 48%, with Trump close behind at 47%. Third party candidate Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party held 3% of the popular vote, and Green party’s Jill Stein won 1%.

But where Trump’s victory was indisputable was his success in the electoral college, 290 votes to Clinton’s 228, with 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

The Associated Press concluded that Clinton won more counties where the population was file_000-3less than 50% white, and where she lost the most votes was with non-college educated white Americans. Additionally, she won 85% of counties where at least 45% of the population was African American. Trump’s appeal to the white, working class voter was the key to his triumph in this presidential race, winning him key states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania.

This election year will go down in history as an outlier because of mudslinging and insults; notable among them were Trump’s characterization of Hillary as a “nasty woman” and Hillary’s characterization of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables.” Trump’s campaign was characterized by his candid, unpolished speeches and appeals to nostalgia, particularly his vow to “make America great again.” Clinton ran a more strategic campaign, focused on appealing to specific demographics and relied on her experience to gain traction.

The debates between the presidential candidates were entertaining and brought in large viewerships. Media coverage has been touted as a large part of Trump’s success in the election.

Many feel relief at the end of this long, fraught election; but remember, the next one is only 3 years away.

Photos Courtesy of Jamie McEachin and Bastiaan Slabbers