The First Time Chop

—Sydney Gaff, Co-Head Web Editor—

Often high schools students like to follow trends. One thing that is both noticeable and popular among female students is long hair. Because of the popularity of long hair, there are some girls who want a different look to separate themselves from the bunch, and that is to cut their long locks off.

Such an act of rebellion can be both scary and exciting for many people. It can be intimidating for people to stand out, especially if they have never experienced that feeling before. However, it can also be thrilling to defy society’s expectations and going against what is normal. For those contemplating a change here are a few tips:

In the time leading up to the drastic change to your hair, made make sure you do your research. Look at pictures of different looks that you find interesting, and once you find the look you want, make sure you have an appointment ready.

It is important to make an appointment with someone who you trust to do your hair because this is not something that you are going to want messed up. You can also ask for their opinion on the cut and see how they think it would turn out with your particular hair texture and thickness. They can also suggest specific looks that would work best for you, too!

Once your hair has been done, you will most likely be in shock and even possibly regret it (speaking from personal experience), but trust me it is completely normal. When you start working with it and styling it, that is when you will love it!

There are many ways to style short hair no matter what anyone with long hair (or even others with short hair) may tell you. Short hair can be straightened, can be curled, and can even be put up one way or another.

No matter the reasons you are even considering to cut your hair, you should go for it! It is liberating and refreshing and getting ready in the morning is a breeze. No matter what, it will be a statement, and in the worst case scenario, it is just hair, so it will grow back!