Natural Hair

—Jada Williams, Staff Writer—

Straighteners, relaxers, heated tools, and more: all devils of natural hair. They strip the natural curl pattern of hair and leave nothing but damage. American culture has implies that having Eurocentric features (straight hair, a pale or light skin tone, etc.) are beautiful. As a result, black girls have been taunted for their natural hair, whether it’s a weave, an afro, or locs.  They get called “ghetto” and told their hair is “nappy.”

in-articleMost girls grow up hearing these derogatory words, and they can lower girls’ self esteem. No one should grow up hating themselves for the hair they’re born with, but the prevailing opinions of natural hair are starting to change

In the past three years, relaxer sales have gone down rapidly. Research from Mintel Reports states that, “Sales have gone down 28% in 2008 and 15% in 2011.” And they haven’t seen growth of sales since then. More women and girls are starting to accept their beautiful curls, coils, and kinks.

Research also shows that 70% of black women wear their hair naturally out, 53% wear braids, and 41% have worn locks. With that being said, sales in “styling products” have gone up a lot, which also helped the decrease in relaxer sales, but styling products aren’t all that cheap. One of the most popular natural hair brand products is Shea Moisture, and some of their products are sold for up to $25 a bottle! Perfectly styled hair that is “slayed to the Gods” is worth it.

Natural hair is a beautiful thing and should always be embraced!  If you or a friend or even a family member are considering going natural I highly suggest it. It’ll bring you one step closer to loving yourself for who you are.

Photos Courtesy of Jada Williams