Meet the Band

—Jennifer Plymale, Staff Writer—

A school’s marching band keeps fans motivated, pumps up the crowd during football OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgames, and shows off their talents on and off the field. At Cosby, we wouldn’t be the same without our wave of Carolina blue.

New to Cosby, Band Director David Holley has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students and watching them grow as young men and women. When practicing after school, he gets to know students personally, instead of just teaching them to read music and perform. “It’s a huge activity that involves more students than any other group in the school,” he says. Over the course of a school year, the Titan Marching Band performs at the University of Richmond, the Richmond Christmas Parade, and in the parades at Universal Studios and Disney World in Florida.

Drum Major Noah Johnson raves about his experience as a part of Cosby’s marching band. To him, marching band is, “a tight knit community,” he says, one that he loves to be apart of. So much so that he is not only involved marching band, but in Percussion, Ensemble, Advanced Band, and Jazz Band as well. Playing the oboe, saxophone, and trombone, his dedication towards the performing arts have taken up a big part of his life.

Because Johnson wanted to try something new, he landed in band class in sixth grade and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnow, as a senior, he conducts during performances. To any who want to join marching band, Johnson explains that with becoming involved, “Yes, the commitment is large but you gain so many skills from it such as time management, teamwork, and accountability.”

Towards the end of the summer, a two week long camp is held to introduce the show. The OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAband practices for numerous hours for each performance, perfecting each rhythm and note. They learn various pieces of music that contribute to the show they perform each year. They go through the drills and refresh their marching on the field. “Marching is not simply walking, it is a technique that must be detailed so that everyone uses the same technique,” Johnson says.

Along with the musicians, Cosby’s color guard is part of the marching band, as well. The Titan color guard performs during halftime at football games. With a new theme each year, they keep on impressing fans with their silk flags and choreography.

The Color Guard practices with the marching band, and just as often as the band does, to make sure they are sharp in their performance. Abby Tolbert, one of the captains, says of the most recent competition, “Although the field was muddy and the nerves were high, we pulled it off greatly!” The color guard has placed as Grand Champions at the Midlothian Showcase for the past three years, so placing at Hermitage was no surprise. Tolbert expressed her love for this group, “I am very happy to be a part of Cosby’s Color Guard and wouldn’t change a thing for the world.”


Photos Courtesy of Steve Church