What are You Putting on Your Face?

—Co-Head Web Editor, Sydney Gaff—

Lipstick, mascara, and moisturizer; all products commonly used by people everywhere. Makeup and skincare are a part of the everyday routine of nearly everyone. However, companies such as L’oreal, Maybelline, and Revlon or even the high end companies such as Dior, MAC, and Bare Minerals have items that are unsafe or just plain gross!

Products that go on the face often contain numerous ingredients that are either gross or aimg_7143 potential safety hazard. According to Today.com, products that are used to hydrate the skin whether it is for a facial or everyday use often contain bird poop in them. The bird poop contains nitrogen-rich urea which helps the moisture cling to the skin and give it a hydrated feel.

Bare Minerals is a well known company that is famous for its powdered mineral-based foundations that claim to be better for your skin; however, this makeup brand might not be so good for your lungs. In many of the powder products sold by Bare Minerals there is mica, which can in the long run be inhaled while using the product and sit in the lungs, which can cause scarring. Mica, when used in construction materials, requires the workers to wear protective gear to limit exposure to it.

Lipstick is one of the most commonly used beauty products, but the FDA does not restrict ingredients used by makers, and some lipsticks contain lead. Lead has been proven to be unsafe when it enters the body. Cosmetic companies will claim that there are no health risks when lipsticks are used correctly, but what about when they aren’t? What if children playing with make up  eat some of it (trust me it happens); Are lipsticks safe when ingested?

A way to prevent any potential health issues is using makeup and beauty brands that don’t include the harmful chemicals. There are makeup brands such as Tarte, Physicians Formula, and Becca Cosmetics that are safe and contain more natural ingredients.

Photos Courtesy of Sydney Gaff