Spooky Scary Movies for Halloween

—Jada Williams, Staff Writer —

(Photo Courtesy of Jada Williams)

With Halloween right around the corner, everyone is trying to get into the mood. So, what better way to get into the spooky mood than watching Halloween-based movies?

The first movie on the list is Little Shop of Horrors. No, this movie isn’t “spooky” but it’s categorized as “rock musical horror comedy.”  Made in 1986,  Little Shop of Horrors is about nerdy florist shop worker who raises a vicious, raunchy plant that feeds on human blood. It’s not really scary, it’s actually funny with all the musical numbers and old filming techniques.

Next is Zombieland. Made in 2009, this horror comedy film is about three strangers, who are the only people left on Earth, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. This movie isn’t “scary” either, just kind of weird and gross, but the humor in the movie makes up for it.

Nightmare On Elm Street is also a must watch. Made in 1984, this gory horror movie is about a man named Fred Krueger who haunts teens in their dreams. This movie is terrifying with all the blood, jumpscares, and real life based events. If you’re squeamish about blood, I suggest you don’t watch this.

The Poltergeist is next on this list. This movie is just downright creepy, and you definitely shouldn’t watch it at night. Made in 1982, this movie is about a family whose home is invaded by malevolent ghosts that abduct the family’s youngest daughter. At one point in the movie, she gets sucked into a portal through her closet and the family can hear her voice emerging from the static TV channel. Like I said, creepy.

And finally, everyone is familiar with the 1996 hit horror movie Scream. Almost everyone and their mother has seen this movie. This movie is about a girl named Sidney, who becomes a target of a mysterious killer known as Ghostface, after the first  anniversary of her mother’s death—she was killed by Ghostface. If you haven’t seen this movie (which would be crazy), then I highly suggest watching it this October.

Header Photo Courtesy of Jada Williams

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