Spooky Graveyard Cake

— Keanna Banks, Staff Writer—

Halloween is right around the corner and October 31 will be here in no time!  What better IMG_2739.JPGway to get in the mood for Halloween than by making some delicious treats for everyone? Want to learn how to make this spooky graveyard cake? It is much easier to make than it may seem!

Gummy worms, eyeballs, ghosts, and more!

First,  preheat the oven to approximately 350 degrees.

Next, check to make sure all the ingredients to make the cake are prepared and ready.img_2745

Mix the cake mix, eggs, water, and oil according to the back of the cake box and pour it all into the aluminum pan.

While waiting for the cake to finish baking, scrape as much icing from the center of the bite size oreos and pour the whole cup of them into the blender. Grind up the oreos until there are no more big chunks and are fine enough to be sprinkled!

Check the cake! If it is done after roughly 20 minutes, take it out of the oven and let it cool off.

Now that the cake is finished baking and cooling, it is time to begin making “tombstones”!

Break the breakfast biscuits in half and use the top portion to write on. Use the cake decorators gel to write “RIP,” “Boo,” or anything else!

IMG_2712.JPGNow time to get back to the cake! Once it’s completely done cooling, ice the cake fully and sprinkle the oreo crumbs on top. Make sure not to miss any spots! Sprinkle it all over, and don’t forget about the tombstones! Push the tombstones somewhat into the cake and pour some sprinkles around them to act as grass.

Hmmm, are we forgetting something?

That’s right, gummy worms and eyeballs! Add as many of these as desired and scatter them all over the graveyard!

To fence off the graveyard, slice the pretzel rods down the middle and break them to the desired length. Place them around the edges of the aluminum pan, and to top off the cake, stick in some doll arms. Now, was that as hard as it seemed?

Photos Courtesy of Keanna Banks

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