Hoco was Loco

—Jennifer Plymale, Staff Writer—

Homecoming—one of the many things Cosby students have to look forward to in the fall. This year’s theme was the 2016 Olympics; the freshman represented Brazil, sophomores represented France, juniors represented China, and seniors represented the United States. Each day, students dressed as their best interpretation of a certain theme. This could be an easy or hard job, depending how many old Halloween costumes could

Photo Courtesy of Timothy Ellis

be reused.

Day One: Movie Monday

Many Boos from Monsters Inc could be spotted in classes on Monday. The boys from the
Sandlot decided to pause their baseball game and hit the books instead.

Day Two: Generations Day/ Decades Day

Photo Courtesy of Timothy Ellis

We flashed back to the past as greasers roamed the halls and chokers became a staple accessory to celebrate Generations Day. Flappers and hippies ate lunch together while jazzercise was held for the 80s chicks in the gym.

Day Three: Royals vs. Farmers

Students wore an overwhelming amount of denim and cowboy boots. Tiaras were held high by others who wanted to show off their inner royalty. Either way, there was a

Photo Courtesy of Dahlia Manheim

peaceful union of the lower class and the upper class as
they shared the same space.

Day Four: Olympics Day

America’s biggest fans and Olympic teams crowded

Photo Courtesy of Abbie Snider

Cosby High School throughout Thursday. The US Bobsled team, ping pong players, and soccer stars were just a few who trained at the best high school in the nation. During the class change, different events were played to find out who were the true olympians.

Day Five: Class Distinction

Everyone looks forward Class Distinction Day throughout the week. Seniors earned the privilege of representing the greek life in togas

Photo Courtesy of Eric Kebler

and leaf crowns. Underclassmen dressed in school colors, buying out all of the white, blue , and black possible.

The Homecoming Pep Rally was on everyone’s minds throughout the day. Freshman to Juniors maintained in the bleachers, while the Seniors got to run out of the football tunnel and storm the field. Titania performed their traditional football player accompanied dance. The “I Believe” chant was screamed as the whole student body jumped up and down. Seniors won the spirit stick and ran around the field celebrating.

That evening, Cosby beat Huguenot  26- 14.   

Then came the Homecoming dance Saturday night. Girls and guys dressed in their formal attire, spending majority of the day perfecting their looks for the night. When arriving at the dance, freshman and sophomores had one room dedicated to them and another for the juniors and seniors, stowing away shoes, and any additional belongings not wanted on the dance floor. Students danced the night away with the DJ keeping the dance floor bumping. This night was definitely one for winning the gold.