Get Your Parking Passes, Ride Away!

—Jennifer Plymale, Staff Writer—

Major changes have taken place with regards to who can park and where people can park at Cosby for the 2016-2017 school year. For as long as students have been able to park in the parking lot, only seniors had the advantage of owning an everyday pass.“Parking, though important, is a privilege. It’s not a right for students to drive to school. Busses are provided for Chesterfield County. We are fortunate enough to offer it to students, though we are not required to,” says Mr. Bachman, Assistant Principal of the senior house.

This school year, however, seniors and juniors were  distributed every-day parking passes. Due to the decreased number of passes purchased in years past, more spots are available to student drivers in Cosby’s parking lot.

For the 2016-2017 school year, there was also a big change in where parking was permitted because the side road is now off limits. Parking on the side road offered students the chance to skip paying for a parking pass and not get towed. But, as anyone who drives noticed in August, a noticeable amount of  ‘No Parking’ signs now line both sides of the road. Mr. Bachman says that the change was made because Chesterfield County Police informed the school board that students had been drag racing and participating in other illegal activities. Although the closure may not stop students from contributing in such activities, this prevents a majority of student from taking part in inappropriate activities.

Additionally, Mr. Bachman says the shoulder of the road is beginning to deteriorate because tires consistently rolling on the soil have lessened the level of shoulder that is in place for drivers. Paying for the Virginia Department of Transportation to fix the road was not in the budget.

For those who still need a parking pass, see Mr. Bachman in the senior house Wednesday mornings. More information can be found on Cosby’s website under the ‘Resources’ tab.