Maggie Kennedy

The harms that children and teens encounter while using technology aren’t just caused by too much screen time. Cyberbullying is a problem that has become pervasive over time. Bullies have moved from the playground to the screen, and the only way to prevent cyberbullying is to restrict the use of technology, which everyone knows isn’t going to happen very easily. Not only does it increase anxiety and depression, it also often creates mental health problems over multiple years.

Victimization of young people online has lately been receiving extra examination, specifically after the suicide rate for teenagers shot up. Although social media is very common among teenagers, the effects of cyberbullying are often unknown and unaddressed. For example, the social network, a site in which people can anonymously say anything they want on someone’s profile, was the cause of a large number of suicides in 2013. The website was then prompted to enforce new safety efforts. Likewise, other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram have been doing just about anything to allow for a safe and friendly environment.

Race-related online harassment is particularly on the rise. Minorities tend to be recipients the most grief. Usually, these perpetrators of these incidents struggle with poor mental and health well-being, as well as behavioral problems.

Cyberbullying is a negative trend that students encounter daily, as a result of teen addiction to technology. Teens and children should be restricted to uses of certain technology to help prevent things like cyberbullying from occurring.