Coaches, How Do You Do It?

Emily Wiggins

As each sports season starts up, tryouts intensify, coaches make cuts, students make teams, and the season begins. Though, as a coach the job is much more complicated. Coaches do more than just “coach” their players; they have to prepare for their seasons, as well as teach or get ready to teach school, care for their players during the season, and miss them when they are gone.

For coaches, it seems to be an on and off switch. Most coaches are teachers or otherwise work at Cosby. For the staff, they start to prepare for the seasons in the123 summer and then work on their preparations for school life. Their lives are completely turned; coaching takes up their after school time, and teaching takes up their day time. It is hard to find
time to spend with family as well as getting what they need done for school.

As coaches of Cosby, they learn to juggle a lot of different things at one time. For football season, also known as fall season, coaches take up their summer time to practice for their sports, and start as early as July.

Coach Mutascio, Boy’s Football coach and supervisor of the weight room during winter season, starts planning for his season in the summer. Most of his practices consist of two a-days, one practice in the morning, one in the afternoon,  during the summer, which takes up his summer and family time during the month of August.

Once school starts, for Mr. Mutascio, his workload and practice and games come together to make some parts of the year very busy. “The most difficult time to be a coach and teacher is late winter and early spring, when all of our paperwork becomes due,” says Coach Mutascio.

A lot of people don’t often think about what coaches go through when teaching and coaching at the same time. Most coaches at Cosby have their players in their classes and learn the difference between being a student and a player. All the coaches want their kids to succeed on the field and in the classroom. “I just want them to do their best,” says Coach Carr, Boy’s Basketball coach and World History teacher. The academics are required, as all players know, and coaches understand that more than students think. As coaches want players to be present at practice and games, they know that school comes first and don’t argue against that.

Coaches at Cosby have a very big effect on the players here as well as the students they teach. It takes a lot of time to teach and coach. Coaches who teach are an important part of what makes Cosby a great school.

Photo Courtesy of Mr and Mrs.Mutascio