Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Jennifer Plymale

Cosby’s Annual Fashion Show was definitely one to remember. This year’s theme was Spring“Seasons of Style” and portrayed the four seasons. Run by Mrs. DeFrancesco, this event provides a place for any club member who desires to be in the realm of fashion or display their art through clothing.

Students who are a part of Fashion Club strutted out in clothes donated for this event by Maurices, Dillard’s, and Men’s Warehouse. Girls and boys decided what they would wear during each season from the sponsoring store and premiered it on Fallstage. Teachers made special appearances in the “Fall” showcase and walked out with their college wear, with seniors who wore the gear of the colleges where they are headed after high school.

During outfit changes, members and guests performed on stage. One of the club’s members displayed a beautiful ballet piece. Also, the African- American Culture Club performed a tribute to artists of the same background. Additionally, they took a stand on racial-inequality with a prepared speech. Cosby’s Titania danced to “Bounce” by Iggy Azalea to conclude the night.

IMG_2021A representative from the “Be Beautiful” campaign spoke about body confidence. “I hear a lot of girls complaining about their appearance, but there’s nothing they can do to Summerchange it,” she says, “I tell girls, no leg is the same as yours, no nose is the same as yours. Embrace these unique traits of yourself.”  

We cannot wait to see what is going to appear next year!

Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Plymale