Available Jobs for Students

Julia Koperski

For many high school students, a job is necessary if they want to pay for common necessities such as a car, gas, and food when out with friends.

Some students work at an actual business and receive a wIMG_3685age, while others make money by helping around the community independently as babysitters or mowing lawns. “I like to babysit because I like to work with children and give parents some time for themselves,” says Amanda Werner, a junior at Cosby High School. She states that one thing she likes about this kind of work is that, rather than having a set pay, it can vary and sometimes she will make more than if she worked a real job.

Another junior, Shaquille Carmichael, works at an hourly job and is employed at Sky Zone, a popular indoor trampoline park. However, he works in two different areas; he is a cashier and a party host. “I like all the employee benefits, and the pay can be really great when you get an $80 tip,” says Carmichael.

IMG_3681Both Werner and Carmichael agree that there are many jobs available today, so there are plenty of options for people of all interests. A babysitting schedule can mesh well with responsibilities for another job, so a teenager can have two sources of money. Paying for a car, gas, or food is easy for these two students because they dedicate themselves to their jobs but have fun at the same time.

Header Photo Courtesy of Mike Mozart (Flickr)

Photos Courtesy of Bloomberg, Carsten Koal