Food Hacks

Julia Koperski

Everybody knows that life hacks are a great thing, along with food, of course. If the two are so great separate, why not put them together? These 10 food hacks will make your life a little bit easier in the kitchen.

Multitask with Your Vegetable Peeler

You don’t have to use a vegetable peeler only for vegetables. It’s also good for other foods, such as cheese or chocolate. It’s the perfect tool to slice super-thin and long strips.

No Mess Measuring with Nonstick Spray


Measuring with sticky ingredients like honey or syrup is always a mess. However, buy nonstick cooking spray at almost any grocery store, and spray your measuring cups before you measure out the sticky ingredient. The spray helps the ingredient to slip right out.

Slice Strawberries or Mushrooms in One Second

Use an egg slicer.

Dress Up Your Fruits and Vegetables

Many kids don’t like fruits and vegetables, but maybe they are going to change their mind. Ranch, peanut butter, and Nutella are perfect to dip them into. Ranch goes well with cucumber, peanut butter with apples, and Nutella with banana.

No Vacuum-Sealer, No Problem!

If you don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for a vacuum-sealer, you can just use a straw. It’s really simple, and it works perfectly.

Remove the Stem from Strawberries

You just have to stick the straw at the bottom of the strawberry push it, and it will take the stem off.

Keep Drinks Bug Free

Avoid bugs in your drinks by putting cupcake liners over drinks and sticking a straw through.

Photos Courtesy of Julia Koperski