The Zoo

Fahim Rahman

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(Photo Courtesy Taylor Andelin)

With the weather warming up, the most entertaining attraction Chesterfield has to offer is, perhaps, the Metro Richmond Zoo. With around 2,000 animals representing 180 species from around the world, there are a variety of things to see along with enjoyable activities to partake in.

The local zoo has giraffes, tigers, cheetahs, bear, apes, and more. Taylor Andelin, a member of the family that owns the local zoo says, “We have animals native to every continent but Antarctica.” Having a zoo so close provides Chesterfield residents the opportunity to be exposed to an incredible amount of exotic animals. Beyond the wonderful animals there are plenty of activities to in. “We have a train ride and a skyride and a zip line around the zoo. You can hand feed the giraffes which is pretty cool,” says Andelin. Perhaps the most popular attraction at the zoo is the cheetah exhibit. This is because of the fact there are cubs and most people generally love them because of how small and energetic they are. But even further, the Metro Richmond Zoo interestingly has a motherless cheetah cub that has been paired with a lifetime friend. T

Along with the fact there are a variety of animals on exhibit, people are able to interact with a good number of them. The most popular animals to feed and come in contact with are the giraffes and the birds in their own exhibit. So in essence, the zoo allows for people to not only to be exposed to exotic animals from around the world, but allows people to interact with them too.

Open year round, Monday through Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 5 PM, except on major holidays, the zoo is one of, if not the best place, to spend time in the summer.