The Anvil: Mandals

Why Mandals Are Okay

Fahim Rahman

Men’s sandals, also known as mandals, are, unfortunately, unjustly looked at with criticism by the public eye. Mandals are the best shoe choice for guys when the weather gets warmer because not only are they comfortable, but they are fashionable as well.

To begin, there should never be an instance in which anyone should be shamed over their File_000 (11)feet or shoe choice. Because of the heat, inevitably people are more willing to wear open toe shoes but for obscure reasons, men are supposedly not allowed to wear them. While men typically do not elect to exhibit mandals when they are out, the idea that they should not wear them is ridiculous. Fashion choices are solely up to the individual, whether people have gross feet or not. Furthermore, the concept that men generally have gross feet and thus should operate under the preconceived notion that they should not be allowed to wear mandals restrict men from the self-expression offered by mandals in favor of the imaginary value of “masculinity.” They are both fashionable and sensible. In many coastal areas, mandals are the shoes of choice for efficiency and also style. Perhaps it is the aesthetic, but sandals just work well with beaches. However, mandals include all types of open toed shoes and they are perfectly okay too. If an individual enjoys the look of the shoe, it should not be the response of open society to shame them for it.

In conclusion, mandals are an okay shoe choice for men to make. While many individuals find the prospect of seeing more feet unappealing, and if that is the case, there should not be a double standard where men cannot wear them but women can that presents a double standard. All individuals have the freedom to wear whatever they want and like whatever shoes they want. In this sense, mandals, just like any other shoe, are okay to wear.  

Mandal Down

Jordan Butler

The mandal, or man sandal, is a fad plaguing modern fashion. Usually worn with socks, 20160427_131850Mandals tend to thrive in spring and do not die until late September. This abomination not only lacks the style and grace of the wholesome flip-flop, but includes useless straps that only serve to obstruct the wearer’s ability to put them on in a timely fashion. This sorry excuse for a shoe’s only saving grace is its comfort, which is said to be above par.

Unlike its fashionable sister, the flip-flop, the mandal includes several straps that often impede foot movement and jam up, making putting the shoe on and taking the shoe off increasingly difficult. The mandal is also quite homely looking, with bulky straps that protrude from a thick leather pad, it is definitely not as sleek as the chic flip-flop.

Not only do mandals fail in functionality, but they are far less stylish than the similar shoe, the flip-flop. Flip-flops are easier to put on and take off, and are a chic addition to any summer outfit. The only area where Mandals may be superior is in comfortability, simply because the flip-flop does not happen to have side straps. While open toed shoes are a great way to keep one’s feet cool in the summer months, mandals are a last resort.