Teacher Appreciation Week

Maggie Kennedy

National Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on Tuesday of the first full week in May. This day kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week, which is the first full week in May.

Described as a day to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to our lives, Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated across the nation to praise teachers for the hard work and dedication they put forth everyday. Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping children; not only are teachers patient, kind, and encouraging, but they also steer children’s lives in a positive direction.

Teachers receive all sorts of gifts throughout the week. Whether small or large, it’s the thought that counts from the students, and every teacher appreciates what they receive. Mrs. Jessica Tackett, an English teacher here at Cosby High School says she often receives gifts such as candy and chocolate, gift cards, homemade items, and sometimes even flowers from her students. ¨Gifts are great, but it’s the thought that counts, as corny as that sounds.  A thank you note goes a long way.  I am beyond grateful for any kind of token of appreciation that I receive because then I know I have an impact, rather than just being a talking head from Charlie Brown¨ says Mrs. Tackett.

This year, Teacher Appreciation week began the week of Monday, May 2nd, and lasted until Friday, May 6th.

All Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kennedy