Prom: A Night to Remember

Emily Wiggins

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Kaitlin Mays posing with her senior friends for their last prom. (Photo Courtesy of Kaitlin Mays)

Prom. It’s one word, everyone knows it, and a majority of high school students want to be apart of it. Prom is the night everyone comes together to dance and becomes the prettiest and the most handsome they can be. Cosby’s prom this year was held on a sunny Saturday, April 16th, 2016.

Around five o’clock, everyone met around the pavilion to take pictures. It is known for being the main spot for prom pictures because of its beautiful scenery and huge space.  The pavilion, located in Woodlake off of Hull Street, as well as many local restaurants, is packed full of long dresses and suits and ties. It is the start to the night.

Of course, the next big thing is dinner. Everyone picks a special, fancy restaurant to dine in with either their special someone or their group of friends. Popular prom night dinner places are Yamato’s, Shogun, Outback, The Boathouse, Brio, and more. This first pit stop is the lead up to a fun night.

Now, to the main event, prom. This year prom was held at the Doubletree Hotel, located next to Chesterfield Towne Center. Teachers and administrators commented on dresses as everyone walked while they checked to make sure everyone’s attire was appropriate, and collected  purses and phones to hold onto until the end of the dance. Students

Everyone always talks about how boring or bad the music is at school dances in general. However, this years music was all around good. It hit all the different genres of music. Starting from Beyónce to The Weeknd, from Meghan Trainor to G-Eazy, the music was all over the place. With rare slow songs, the old Cupid Shuffle played with the new dance songs ¨Whip¨ and ¨Lean and Dab¨ that everyone joined into. Prom songs were talked about all around being better than before. ¨The music is a lot better this year than last year,¨ says senior Kaitlin Mays.checked in and received a yellow band to show that they have checked in. Once checked in, they moved to the dance floor.

Prom ended at ten thirty and everyone grabbed their belongings and left to change for after prom. Juniors and Seniors, along with some underclassmen, agreed that Prom 2016 was a great prom. Some seniors say that they are glad their last prom was this one. ¨I had such a great time and I’m glad I got to spend my last prom with my friends,¨ says Kaitlin Mays. It left a lasting impression that everyone wants to remember and talk about with their kids when they get older.

Header Photo Courtesy of Emily Wiggins