One Act Plays

Abby Wierschem

Families, students, and teachers gathered in the Cosby auditorium on April 28th and 29th for the fourth annual Cosby student directed one act plays. This was the last performance and theater opportunity in high school for all of the Cosby seniors. The final close of the curtain brought instant nostalgia to some of the annual thespian participants.

On Friday, April 29th the cast of the one acts stayed after school to commemorate the senior directors and actors; they stayed until the show began to celebrate their time as Cosby performers. Mr. Ellis, the head of the Theater Department, provided the casts with a pizza dinner after senior speeches were given. This has been a tradition of Cosby’s for a very long time and allows the seniors to give their final goodbyes to all of their fellow thespians.

Mr. Ellis made the decision to have one-act plays in the spring that were student directed because he wanted to give his students the chance to try out a different aspect to the performing arts. He stated that, though it was difficult to give up his love for directing the spring plays, he was very happy for his students.

The plays were a complete success and the entire department, as whole, wrapped up the year with a smile from the entire audience.

But what is the next theater production? Check the blue auditorium doors outside of Mr. Ellis’s room to see the list of all of the potential musicals for this fall!

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