Looks of the Summer

Syndey Gaff

When seasons change, clothes do too, and this summer is no exception. This year, trends for both men and women’s clothing include neutral and light colors.

For the men this summer clothing will be simplicity at its finest. Clothing will include an abundance of neutral colors in both the tops and bottoms. However when color is included it is generally a lighter color such as blues, yellows, and pinks. If interested on dressing on the darker side then a great color to include into your summer looks is an army or olive green. As well as the greens, grey is also another great option to wear especially if there is a colorful pattern included somewhere within the outfit.

As for women’s fashion light materials are in for summer. Things like chambray and light flowy dresses and skirts are here for summer and here to stay. On top of that bright pastel colors and fun patterns are also all over the place this season. If the outfit does not contain that then it is bare, literally! All white outfits are in, especially when the clothing has a lot of fun texture apart of it such as ruffles and lace.

Another item that is great for both male and females alike, distressed denim. Distressed denim is great for year round, but especially summer. Old, ripped jeans can be worn all through summer in multiple ways such as as they are, cut into shorts, or sewn into a skirt. Summer is just around the corner and so is light and airy clothing, so get ready.