How to Survive the Year that Counts

Emily Wiggins

Everyone starts out their high school life being a “freshie.” Upperclassmen make fun of you, school is earlier, lockers aren’t used that often, and for a second, you think everything is easy. Sophomore year comes around the corner, no one bugs you, you’re only a step up from being “new.” Again, you think everything is bliss. Then, junior year. The year sleep turns to waste, homework takes over your life, and all you can think about is “How am I going to survive?”

Junior year. Known for being the year students go through more than ever before. It starts out fast with all the teachers saying “You better get used to this, this is what college is like!” But no one ever explains how hard it will be.

Most important is the fact that this is the year that counts for colleges. Junior year is the year coaches can recruit athletes and the year your GPA start to be a concern. This may be no big deal for students who don’t want to go to college, but it’s a major deal for the ones that need to go or absolutely want to go. Junior year is the year students receive their GPA and class rank to pass on to colleges. It is also the year students begin to look at colleges and go on college tours. For most, it is the most stressful high school year, and it’s only possible only get through it knowing their senior year is ahead.

Although most are stressed about taking five AP and honors level classes, junior year is when a lot of students find a part time job because most juniors are able to drive on their own, some even have a year of experience under their belt, and many parents don’t want to pay for their gas. Many parents also choose to teach their kids how live on their own and learn how to juggle a job and school. Similarly, many students play sports.

As junior year comes to a close, grades are turned in and senior year is in the future. For surviving it, complete tasks, study harder than before, and understand it is always going to be the hardest year, but anyone can make through it, with a little bit of patience and hope for the next year being the last. To complete these tasks, follow what the teacher says and do the assignments assigned, no matter the difficulty. It will help you out in the end. Study as hard as you can because the tests are no longer easy. Teachers give college level tests and expect more than just a multiple choice answer, you actually have to know the stuff. This is the hardest year. Know that. Remember that. Comprehend that. Understand that you are going to be stressed beyond belief, you will not want to continue, but you will also want to finish as early as you can. It’s these tips that will help make junior year a tiny bit better. Remember though, it is the worst, but the outcome is the best.

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Ames