Be Sweet, Not Sour

Maggie Kennedy

Scientists have spent years studying the relationship between taste and emotion, and now believe that they have finally found a potentially life changing effect. They believe they have discovered that what we consume can potentially affect how we feel and behave around others.

Studies have shown that if an individual consumes something bitter, they are more likely to be hostile and judgemental. Sweets, however, tend to make people feel romantic, social, and more willing to engage in conversation. With this in mind, researchers are suggesting people make particular foods for certain events. For social gatherings that may be awkward or lack communication, researchers suggest to make sweet dishes, like pastries or cookies, to ease the tension in the room. On the contrary, if one has a big athletic event approaching, like a game or a marathon, scientists believe one should eat bitter foods such as olives, green beans and cabbage to increase momentum and get one ¨pumped up.¨

These food preferences can also predict future personalities. Scientists say those who prefer bitter food over sweets, lean towards more antisocial and psychopathic tendencies. People with a sweet tooth, however, are more likely to be associated with drug usage later on in life, due to their compulsiveness.  


Olives, a more bitter food, are said to make one feel more violent and judgmental.


Cookies, however, tend to make people more friendly and talkative, because of their sweetness.